Robert-Jan Bruintjes

I work on supervised representation learning for Computer Vision. My main research is into integrating prior knowledge into Convolutional Neural Networks to benefit data efficiency. Topics of choice include implicit neural convolutional operators, in- and equivariant representations and data-efficiency of self-attention.


  • Currently visiting prof. Matthias Bethge at University Tübingen

  • ICLR 2022 paper: FlexConv

  • Organizer of VIPriors workshop (2020-ongoing)


Lab visit @ University Tübingen

I will visit the lab of prof. Matthias Bethge over the summer.

MSc supervision

I supervised Xiangxie Zhang to achieve his MSc in Computer Science.

VIPriors challenges 2021 report

We published a report on the VIPriors 2021 challenges.

More updates


I am always willing to talk about collaboration or supervision. Please find my contact info at the top of the page.


TU Delft, building 28, room 5.W.600
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE Delft
The Netherlands